Welcome to Dmitrii “Dimage” Sapelkin’s homepage!
I am game designer and creative director living in Stockholm, Sweden. I moved here from St. Petersburg, Russia, in the end of 2015. Making games is my primary occupation since 2005. By now I have designed over a dozen published games of various genres for a number of platforms, including PC, mobile, social, and consoles. Worked with some major gaming companies, including Electronic Arts, Oberon Media, Midway, Activision.

Prior to game design, I worked as a software developer and a QA lead. It was a valuable experience, but at a certain point it became very clear that I must design games. Starting from no experience, I gradually came to a deep knowledge of game design, development and industry in general.

To me, the real world is an example of the greatest game design possible. Looking at the world and trying to understand its game mechanics and balance makes me better at designing games. Exploring the depths of game design helps me better understand the world. I believe that games can help make the world a better place.

My objective is to create the best possible, original, high-quality, fun games. My experience includes working with the teams both on-site and remotely.

If you want some extraordinary game design, you’ve come to the right guy.

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