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Adventure Box

Game mechanics, monetization, UI/UX design, balancing, product ownership, data analysis, QA, and game design 101 for the team developing a web-based platform for making, sharing, and playing voxel games in the browser without additional downloads. Works on the desktop and on mobile devices (Android and iOS)


Producing, game design, UX design for a license-based word game with 1.5 Million daily active users

12 labours of Hercules IV: Mother Nature

Level design, game design consulting, localization, visual effects for a time/resourse management game

Unannounced strategy title

Freelance game design for a midcore/hardcore iOS/Android RTS including prototyping, specifications and customer communications.

OBI Retail Manager

Game design, mainly balance for an educational busines simulation game for the directors of a large network retailer in Russia

The Paranormal Society: Hidden Adventure

On-site and remote game design and creative direction for a large-scale iOS/Android social Hidden Object Puzzle Adventure game.

Escape Alcatraz

Freelance game design for a mobile escape game. Overall game design was created by publisher, and I added details, fixed and improved the specifications.

Paula Deen’s Food for Thought

Complete game design for a Paula Deen-themed word game to Amazon kindle.

Bubble Ducky Kindle

Complete game design for a port of a popular mobile puzzle game to Amazon kindle.


Level design, game design consulting for a vertical scroller space shoot-em-up game.

Agatha Christie’s 4:50 from Paddington

Complete design for a hidden object game based on Agatha Christie’s novel “4:50 from Paddington”. Working with remote team in Belarus and remote producer in the USA.

Agatha Christie’s Dead Man’s Folly

Complete design for a hidden object game based on Agatha Christie’s novel “Dead Man’s Folly”. Working with remote team in Belarus and remote producer in the USA.

Treasures of the Serengeti

Fixing the gameplay, making the half-made game fun, story design, level design for a puzzle game with an original core mechanic.

Plumeboom Park

Complete design for an amusement park themed match 3 puzzle game.

Pearl Diversion

In-game texts, art supervision for a reskin of a match-3 puzzle game.


Preparing marketing materials in Russian and in English, web site support for a hardcore multiplayer fantasy MOBA game.

Sudden Strike 3 Mission Editor

UI revamp of the mission editor for a 3D real-time strategy game

Sudden Strike 3

UI redesign, level design, game tuning for the original game, and the DLC pack of a hardcore multiplayer WWII-themed RTS with authentic arms.

Hot Brain

Complete design for a brain trainer game for PSP.

Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Zombie Ninja Pro-Am

Gameplay testing and improvement recommendations for the golf/action/racing console game based on the TV cartoon series “Aqua Teen Hunger Force”

Biker Mice from Mars

Large part of specifications, mission and level design, modelling and scripting, boss behavior, tuning, weapons, playtesting for the racing/shoot-em-up/fighting console game based on the cartoon series “Biker Mice From Mars”.

American Chopper II: Full Throttle

First experience in game design. Created some missions and in-game texts, also did some scripting in Lua for the racing game based on the TV show “American Chopper”.