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12 labours of Hercules IV: Mother Nature

Published title page
Platform: Android, iOS, OS X, PC
Genre: Time Management
Released: August 2015
Publisher: Jet Dogs
Developer: Zoom Out Games

This is the 4th game in the series of Time/resource management games based on ancient Greek myths about Hercules.

As a freelance design consultant, I:

  • Designed approximately 1/4 of all levels
  • Polished, balanced and put in a sequence most of the levels
  • Added some particle effects and game objects to enhance the visual appeal and gameplay of the game
  • Consulted the developers on certain interface improvements and gameplay elements
  • Achieved the best possible look for the levels in close cooperation with the artist
  • Created an interesting and integrated tutorial that stands out compared to the previous games in the series
  • Helped secure the collector’s edition for the game by improving its quality and appeal compared to the previous games in the series