Some people

Automated the Madman ( Now I just enter the text, and it gives me the card:
Some people please

Agatha Christie ported to mobile

I tlooks like now you can play my two Agatha Christie games on mobile devices. Some nice people have ported them to iOS and Android. These are the hidden object games that I designed some 5 years ago. Enjoy!

4:50 from Paddington at Google Play

4:50 from Paddington at AppStore

Dead Man’s Folly at AppStore

Dead Man’s Folly at Amazon store

Conway’s Life as a shader

A while ago i’d done a Conway’s Life using WebGl just for fun. Today I visited that site, and it was broken. After looking into it, it appeared that the texture sizes now have to be equal to a power of 2. Fixed it, and now it works:

Move the mouse cursor around to move the circle; click to restart.
See it at WebGL playground.

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