Unannounced Hidden Object Title

Platform: iOS, Android
Genre: Hidden Object
Released: not yet
Publisher: unannounced
Developer: Signus Labs

This is a huge mobile hidden object game with an original twist which I have to keep secret until release.

I was a sole game designer on the team when this project started in the end of 2011. The project didn’t go very smoothly due to a number of management, customer communication, staff turnover, feature creep issues. The project turned out to take more than twice the time initially planned. As the project went on, several more designers helped me with certain design tasks, but overall, I was the only person on the team who knew all aspects of this game’s design. At a certain point, in the end of 2013, I decided to leave the company, but still continued to design this game as a remote freelancer and the main designer of the game — after more than half of initial game’s team left the company and programming team changed completely several times. The game looks really cool due to the effort of the great artists. Besides, it features the story by one of the industry’s best veteran writers. I hope to see its release someday.

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