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Hot Brain

Published title page
Platform: PSP
Genre: Brain Trainer
Released: June 2007
Publisher: Midway
Developer: Creat Studios Inc.

This is a brain trainer game in which the player’s objective is to quickly solve a lot of simple puzzles divided into 5 categories: Logic, Math, Memory, Language, Concentration.

As a lead game designer, I:

  • Created the design and design documentation of the entire game
  • Designed the puzzle mechanics and specific puzzles
  • Designed game content
  • Supervised the development of the game from the design standpoint

The development period turned out to be a mess for the company: 3 producers and 2 lead game designers subsequently replaced each other. I stayed with the project throughout the process and maintained the vision of the game, and finally we made a solid product that scored much higher points on specialized gaming sites than several previous games made by the company.


Aqua Teen Hunger Force: Zombie Ninja Pro-Am

Published title page
Platform: PS2
Genre: Action, Golf, Racing
Released: November 2007
Publisher: Midway
Developer: Creat Studios Inc.

The game is based upon the Adult Swim‘s cartoon series Aqua Teen Hunger Force. It mixes golf, action and racing in a rather unique way: between strikes you have to make your way to the ball by walking through an alien-infested golf field and beating up aliens with a golf club or other weapons or racing against the aliens in a golf cart.