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Published title page
Platform: iOS
Genre: Shoot-em-up, Vertical scroller
Released: January 2011
Publisher: Gameprom
Developer: Gameprom

This is a hardcore mobile vertical scroller shoot-em-up in space made by a tiny team.

As a remote design consultant, I:

  • Consulted on the gameplay and balance improvements
  • Created a few levels

Agatha Christie’s 4:50 from Paddington

Published title page
Platform: PC
Genre: Hidden Object
Released: June 2010
Publisher: I-Play
Developer: Floodlight Games, I-Play

This is a downloadable hidden object game based on Agatha Christie’s novel “4:50 from Paddington”.

As a sole game designer on this project working remotely with the producer in the USA and the developer team in Belarus, I:

  • Created complete design and wrote specs for the whole game
  • Introduced the new mechanic for the Hidden Object genre: searching locations on the map
  • Introduced the new mechanic for integrating story with the gameplay: find the objects highlighted in the dialogues
  • Provided design and art direction for the developing team
  • Broke the story into the levels of the game, and wrote dialog based on the story