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OBI Retail Manager

Published title page
Platform: Web
Genre: Business simulation, Educational
Publisher: IntEduca
Developer: IntEduca (LevelLab)

This is an educational game intended to teach the directors of supermarket network called OBI to be more effective with managing their supermarkets. The simulation involved quite a complex math model, so the players should balance their use of many tools available to a director within time and budget constraints.

As a design consultant working remotely, I:

  • Created the math model for the simulation
  • Balanced the parameters of the math model and initial state of the game
  • Consulted on the interface and visual implementation of the game

Unannounced strategy title

Platform: Android, iOS
Genre: Real Time Strategy
Publisher: Gameprom
Developer: Cloudmach

This is a mobile sci-fi themed multiplayer strategy game that is targeted at a more hardcore audience than Clash of Clans.

As a sole designer for this project, I:

  • Wrote the specifications, including GDD and prototype specification
  • Communicated with the customer to ensure the game design makes sense for the customer, the developer, and the potential players
  • Coordinated the prototyping from the design standpoint
  • Did level design and balancing.

The game is being developed using Unity 3D engine. The core team has some of the best art and programming talent onboard. The prototyping phase of this project is complete, the project is up for further development. This was a remote job for me.


Escape Alcatraz

Published title page
Platform: iOS
Genre: Escape
Released: September 2014
Publisher: FreshGames
Developer: Signus Labs

In this game you need to escape a series of rooms solving mini-games or puzzles in each next room.

The overall design for this game was provided by the customer, and my part was to fix, improve and add details to the spec. I worked on this project remotely. All in all, the game promises be fun and popular, since it is a continuation of a rather well-known series.