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The Paranormal Society: Hidden Adventure

Published title page
Platform: Android, iOS
Genre: Hidden Object
Released: April 2016
Publisher: G5 Entertainment
Developer: Signus Labs

This is a huge mobile hidden object game with an original twist: it is a free to play hidden object puzzle adventure with randomly placed content. This kind of design was a great challenge from the very beginning, because it had to be the first game of the kind.

I was a sole game designer on the team when this project started in the end of 2011. The game’s scope was huge initially, and it increased over the course of development. As the project went on, several more designers helped me with certain design tasks, but overall, I was the only person on the team who knew all aspects of this game’s design. At a certain point, in the end of 2013, I decided to leave the company, but still continued to design this game as a remote freelancer and the main designer of the game — after more than half of initial game’s team left the company and programming team changed completely several times. The game looks really cool due to the effort of great artists. Besides, it features the story by one of the industry’s best veteran writers.

The game finally released in April 2016.


Escape Alcatraz

Published title page
Platform: iOS
Genre: Escape
Released: September 2014
Publisher: FreshGames
Developer: Signus Labs

In this game you need to escape a series of rooms solving mini-games or puzzles in each next room.

The overall design for this game was provided by the customer, and my part was to fix, improve and add details to the spec. I worked on this project remotely. All in all, the game promises be fun and popular, since it is a continuation of a rather well-known series.


Paula Deen’s Food for Thought

Published title page
Platform: Kindle
Genre: Word Game
Publisher: Signus Labs
Developer: Signus Labs

A simple word game with food theme, for which I’ve wrote specs and defined the balance.


Bubble Ducky Kindle

Published title page
Platform: Kindle
Genre: Match 3, Puzzle
Released: January 2012
Publisher: Digital Chocolate
Developer: Signus Labs

A simple match 3 game ported to Amazon kindle.

It was a port of a small J2ME puzzle game that was previously popular on older mobile phones. This version was made for the kindle’s version of Android. The main challenges were kindle’s B/W screen with extremely slow frame rate and its controls: there were versions of kindle with keyboard-only and touch-only controls, and we had to support them all. I did all the design, including a brief GDD and coordination of the team’s work.