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Adventure Box

Published title page
Platform: Android, iOS, Web
Genre: Voxel game builder
Publisher: Adventure Box Technology
Developer: Adventure Box Technology

Adventure Box is a web-based platform for making and playing voxel games in the browser. Doesn’t require downloading anything. Works on the desktop and on mobile devices (Android and iOS).

At Adventure Box, I worked as a game designer and a product owner. Among other things, I did these:

  • Managed the sprint planning for a long time
  • Did data mining and analysis, provided data-based insights
  • Gave a game design 101 to the team that mostly consists of the software engineers that come from non-game areas
  • Designed UI/UX for the site, the games, and the maker tool
  • Designed game mechanics, including metagame. Improved the gameplay for the existing battlefield game mode
  • Designed the rule system (a major upgrade on the existing trigger/quest system used to define the game logic)
  • Designed the monetization strategy
  • Designed the product strategy and roadmaps
  • Helped design the new game mode that is yet to be released
  • Carried out the QA responsibilities: created, maintained, and executed the test plans, found and reported numerous issues, saw to their fixing
  • Coded the improvement of the particle system in JavaScript, and some other small parts
  • Did the competitor research and analysis
  • Created a Fandom site for the product